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Indulge with Aleah Rain's Golden Special -- Save $20!

Golden Splash Special: for piss lovers and other perverts! 
Save $20 on any-length call with Aleah Rain! 
Love latex? Imagine shining Aleah up and down with baby oil ... and worshiping her black heels. Love CBT? Aspiring tattoo artist and piercer Aleah will do things to your balls you can scarcely imagine. Love piss? Aleah will have you dripping and smelling of her for days ...

Special valid one time only through April 2014. Specials cannot be combined. You must request this special to receive it. 

Tax Day? File, Breathe, and PLAY!

Celebrate the end of tax season and call us for the happiest of endings! We love sharing fantasies. At PEP, our ladies not only understand your desires, they also share them. Kink is our lifestyle! Play now and save with our Tax Time Rollback Prices! 

$99/one hour (reg. $119)
$89/45 min (reg. $99)
$69/30 min (reg. $89)

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Specials do not apply to calls with Nancy or Dom Direct. Specials cannot be combined. You must request these specials to receive them. 

Check Out Mistress Sheila's New Page!

Want more Mistress Sheila? Would you love to know more about what makes this dominant, classically beautiful sensual sadist tick? Visit her new page at PEP — replete with details on Sheila's philosophy of S&M, her favorite kinky pleasures, and more, including new photos! 

Miss Madeline's Sweet Pussy

Miss Madeline loves having her sweet pink pussy licked, worshiped, devoured. She's got Sera right where she wants her — tied up, mouth open, begging for a taste. You see, before Madeline will allow you to taste her deliciousness, she'll have you plead till you cry with desire. And when you first go down, you'll discover how wet Madeline is — lucky boy, she may even squirt into your thirsty mouth.

Pussy worship, ass worship, strap-ons, and bondage are a few of Madeline's favorite delights. Call now and tell her all of yours! 

Sneaky Baby Libby

Naughty, naughty baby Libby! Ooh, look at that smirk — she's got plans. Maybe she'll hide Daddy's belt. Perhaps she's planning to play possum ... until Daddy slides his big cock inside her little rosebud hole.

Enemas, spankings, and anal discipline keep baby Libby in line. And when she's good? Oh, she's very, very good — good at servicing Daddy and Mommy! 

To explore all of your AB/DL fantasies, call Libby! 

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Love Spring? Love Pink?

Springtime! Roses, tulips, peonies ... flowers, petals ... What's your favorite spring flower, doused with dew?

We thought so ... and BBW Mistress Bella agrees! Imagine sliding between her thighs and arching your tongue over her petals ... Licking your lips later and still tasting ...

Wet, soft petals ... Body worship feel so good to YOU and to her. Call now.

Potty Time with Miss Madeline

Love wearing panties and frilly skirts? Miss Madeline will don you up, and tie a pink ribbon around your sissy stick. Then, in the men's room ... you might attract that kind of guy.

And you know you want to.

Call Miss Madeline and admit it! 

Welcome Lady Delilah of Hawaii!

Corporal punishment, foot worship, and crossdressing top Lady Delilah's list of pleasures ... and all kink? Every taboo? She delves in with grace, intrigue, and a dab of mercy. Give yourself over to the bloom of erotic joy and call Lady Delilah! 

April Showers, April Specials!

Our April specials are in full effect! Get showered with savings! 

Tax Time Rollback! Enjoy Our circa-1990s Prices! 

$99/60 min (reg. $119)
$89/45 min (reg. $99)
$69/30 min (reg. $89) 

Best of all: use this specials as often as you wish through April 2014! 

Sorry! Specials do not apply to calls with Nancy or Dom Direct. Specials cannot be combined. You must request these specials to receive them.