Red Heels Equal Happy Balls!

You wake up naked on Saturday morning, your cock already hard. You believe you are blissfully alone, and you reach down to stroke your pulsing cock. With your eyes closed, you imagine long, red fingernails pinching your nipples and scratching down your chest. Your body throbs. You moan, and sigh, and a breeze cascades down your body—

"Playing without me, Slut?"

You know this voice, your Mistress' voice, and you believe you are dreaming.

Yes I was, Mistress, you say in your mind. Please forgive me ... punish me ... tease me .... make me pay.

Warm hands cup your face. "Answer me," the voice commands.

You open your eyes—it's her. The woman you've fantasized about every morning; the woman whose voice has guided you to crescendo after crescendo of orgasm. The woman who has denied you pleasure despite your most soprano-voiced pleas; the woman who has taught you that waiting—desperately and¬†painfully—pays off. Your Mistress. Mistress Kali Ward.

You drink in her ripe cleavage; the folds of her sheer robe tickle your stomach.

"Please, Mistress, I didn't know—"

Mistress Kali puts her finger to your lips. "Let's start from the beginning, shall we?"

She moves to the foot of the bed; your eyes photograph the shape of her hips, the length of her legs. One of those endless legs lifts into the air, and you imagine sucking the heel of her red patent leather shoe.

You are so locked into this reverie that your own groan surprises you. Mistress Kali's eyes trap yours as her shoe presses into your balls. "Tell me your fantasy," she says. "Tell me every dripping detail that crossed your naughty mind this morning ..."

You clear your throat. Where, where do you begin?

Call Mistress Kali Ward NOW and confess! (702) 341-0585

Mistress Kali Ward (Las Vegas) (702) 341-0585


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